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Circus is really easy to find. It is located in the center of town called "l'Ecusson" and just a few feet way from Place Jean Jaurès.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink in moderation.

happy hour

  • estrella damm happy hour
    2.50 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00
  • estrella + sirop happy hour
    2.70 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00
  • bière bouteille
    4.00 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00
  • cocktail happy hour
    5.00 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00
  • vin
    2.50 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00
  • bouteille de vin
    15.00 €
    de l'ouverture à 21h00


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Circus - Bar | Spin | Lounge à Montpellier

Circus : Bar / Spin / Lounge

Located just steps from the Place Jean Jaurès, the reputation of Circus is more to do! This "traditional " parties Montpellier enchants with its unique setting. Inspired by the best tradition of New York pubs, the decor also includes a circus theme.

Result? A warm and comfortable where you feel good.